LED Kitchen Or Bath Faucet Device


Color Changing Faucet Nozzle

Makes a custom addition to your kitchen or bath faucet, by lighting up the water flow when the water is turned on.  Makes your dish washing and rinsing chores more interesting. There are three types available:

1)  Constant Blue Light Nozzle – This nozzle lights up with constant blue color whenever the water is turned on (does not sense water temperature).

2) 7 Color Nozzle – This nozzle senses water flow and will light up with 7 random colors when water flows through it (this nozzle does not sense water temperature).

3)  3 Color Temperature Sensing Nozzle – This nozzle senses water temperature and will light up with 3 colors, depending on water temperature when water is flowing through it.


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  • Item Type: Color Changing Or Temperature Sensing Tap Device
  • Material: ABS
  • Features: Tap Device, LED Light Tap, Thermostatic Tap, Decor Light, Deck Mounted Tap
  • 3 options available – Temperature Sensing Type (3 Colors); Constant Blue Color (Non Temperature Sensing); Or 7 Color (Non Temperature Sensing)


Temperature Sensing Option: The color of the water flow shows you the water’s temperature.   

1) Water glows blue when water is cold (temperature below 31°C )

2) Water glows green when water is warm (temperature is 32°C 43°C)

3) Water glows red when water is hot (temperature above 44-50°C)

4) Water flashes red when temperature is above 50°C.

When the water temperature is over 51°C, it flashes red to warn you avoid being scalded. 

Constant Blue Color Option: Lights up the water flow a blue color whenever water is turned on.

7 Color Option: Lights up the water flow with 7 random changing colors when water is turned on.

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 3 cm
Rotatable Or Not


Installation Type

Deck Mounted

Number of Handles

Single Handle


Thermostatic Faucets

Cold & Hot Water



Shaft-rolling Spool

Number of Holes for Installation

Single Hole

Spray Type


Valve Core Material

ABS engineering plastics



Surface Finishing

Faucet Shower

Surface Treatment

Bathroom Faucet

Feature 1


Feature 2

LED Shower Tap Faucet

Feature 3

Glow LED Shower Faucet

Feature 4

Kitchen Faucet Nozzle Head

Feature 5

Bathroom Faucet Spouts

Feature 6

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