4-Light Track Fixture With Rotatable Glass Lamps


The fixture is adjustable making it ideal for multiple styles and shapes of rooms. Thus, it is suitable to install at home, mall or cafes. 4 180-degree rotatable lamps and 4 360-degree rotatable luminaries greatly expand the range of illumination, allowing you to tailor the light to your room. The fixture is made of high quality iron and the track light has a sturdy frame. The surface’s sand-nickel coating improves durability and corrosion resistance and extends lamp’s service life.

    • Unique modern design will quickly attract the attention of your guests
    • Rotatable lamp body and rotatable lamp holder expand the range of illumination
    • 2 freely rotating poles provide different shapes
    • High quality iron material makes it a very strong frame
    • Sand nickel coating improves durability and corrosion resistance
    • UL certification ensures product quality
    • Suitable for being installed at home, in a shopping mall or cafe


  • Unique Modern Design: This ceiling lamp has a unique and modern design that will quickly catch the attention of your guests. The fixture is fully adjustable making it ideal for multiple styles or shapes of rooms. It works well at home, mall or cafes.
  • Rotatable Lamp Body: The glass ceiling lamp has 4 180-degree rotatable lamp bodies and 4 360-rotatable lamp holders, to allow the light to be aimed wherever you need it. In addition, the two arms can be rotated freely to provide you with different fixture shapes.
  • Solid & Durable Material: The glass ceiling lamp is made of high-quality iron and has a very strong frame. The iron surface is coated with nickel to enhance durability and corrosion resistance, thereby extending the light’s service life. And the lamp is UL certified, so you don’t have to worry about safety risks.
  • Provide Bright Light: The ceiling lamps are designed with 4 E12 lamp holders (bulbs are not included) and can support energy efficient bulbs. At night, our glass shade lamps will provide you with bright light for an ideal place to work.
  • Suitable for Various Scenes: The glass ceiling lamps are simple and sophisticated and are suitable for most home styles. You can install this fixture in the kitchen, living room, room, hallway and more. And it will give your space a special decorative effect.


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